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How do you go about finding out about your product liabilities? How do you know if there are regulations for the items you are making, and how to comply?

I want to make baby toys and products. We are worried about safety requirements and laws though. If it has a ribbon, is there a certain length of thickness to make sure the little one cant hurt them selves???  Or am I over thinking this. I asked a girlfriend who makes baby stuff and she said she had not even considered it….I would hate to do anything wrong.

On a more positive note, our local material store, Spotlight, has had a huge sale so I went crazy buying up materials during my lunch break. I then raced home and once the girls were in bed I made my first cube toy. Yay very excited. Not quite finished yet. I bought some eco stuffing and rattle inserts on line so waiting for them to turn up.

Something that actually turned out ok. My husband also commented on the speed I made it, and how good it looked for something to quick. As I have been thinking. Simple and easy can be great!

Plenty more materials to try things with so must get back to it – while I have the motivation. I read an article yesterday on why Etsy business fail –