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Etsy fever

Is there a limit to how many Etsy favorites one can have?  If not, never fear I am sure I will soon be able to tell you!!

So I am starting with research. I have added what feels like hundreds of items to my Etsy favorites. I then realised many are for the same store, so I have started adding stores instead of individual items. Much smarter. Also when I actually go to look there aren’t that many…… must keep looking!

This has me all inspired. I have found lots of supplies and items I want to make things with. At first I didn’t know what just that I HAD to use them…. until I woke at 1am to feed Z on Monday night, and couldn’t get back to sleep. My head started whirring with ideas. Now I have four items I want to make and see how they work out. And two I cant find on Etsy yet, so that’s a good sign (or maybe bad because no one wants/needs….) Better get moving and find out.

My problem is that I am not the best sower. So what I have in my mind, and what comes out can be two very different things. I am almost always disappointed with the end result. Simple is the key I think. One to it turning out ok, two so that I can make in large quantities when my store takes off (hmmm, fingers crossed), and three so its cost effective.

Now that I have an idea I like and want to start trying out, that means spending some money which makes it a bit real, do I really want to do this…. YES, am I scared…… YES.

‘In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.’ Bill Cosby