Small Small World

So what have I been up to – slowly making some items. Playing with designs and getting some basic patterns sorted out. I am getting better!

I also went ahead and had my logo designed. Of course I found someone on Etsy and they have done a fantastic job, so excited!

There was a notification for a local Christmas market and I though ‘yes, get making and could be a good start’. Although the time frame is very very short. so I have decided not to push. I said at the start not to make any deadlines, not to rush. Otherwise if I don’t meet them I will be tempted to give up. The idea is just to plod along with no pressure. It was a big step to get the logo, all those what ifs came back so I sat back and left it. Eventually I just asked myself why not and went ahead.

Quirkiest thing happened just now… I founds some lovely materials to buy and was kind of naughty buying much more than I should. But after placing the order I noticed I had my old address …eekkkk. So I quickly contacted the seller to have it corrected and of all the sellers of fabric in the world (love that about Etsy) I discover that not only is she in Australia, in Tasmania, in my town, but lives at the other end of my street!!!!!   CRAZY.  Perfect though as I was keen to get sowing this weekend and she is now going to hand deliver tomorrow. This could be very bad for the wallet. But at the same time seams like a sign.

‘What’s meant to be will always find a way.’ Trisha Yearwood


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